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Due to high cost of electricity, it has become vital to move towards the alternate energy source. Many options are available in Pakistan


Energy through Solar Panels

Solar panels convert radiation from the sun into electricity, Solar irradiance in Pakistan is 5.3 kWh/m²/day.[6] Pakistan set a target to add approximately 10 GW of renewable capacity by 2030 in addition to replacing 5% diesel with biodiesel by 2015 and 10% by 2025


Best Wind Energy

Among alternative and renewable resources, wind power has been identified as a significant potential source of renewable energy for Pakistan. The country has a total estimated gross wind power potential install-able capacity of around 346,000 MW


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With better and better technologies and quality standards now Pakistan is becoming one of the countries with not one but 5 to 10 year product warranties.

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Using best practices and latest equipment, we make sure the system we install gives the highest production installed at the minimum time.

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We save on time to reduce cost, Plus being top distributor in Pakistan we shift the price advantage to our valued clients

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All our systems are monitored at our control centers, making sure the systems perform to the fullest.

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Our system designers make sure that energy we produce is not wasted at all, thus offering fastest rate of return.


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Some people think Solar Panels have 5-25 years of life, The right answer is A grade Tier One Solar Panels depreciate in there production approx .5-7% per year. So life of the Solar Panels are way beyond 25 years.

Aluminium structure is always recommended, Galvanized structure has 5-8 year life, Aluminium has many years after

Always use wire according to the Solar Inverter recommendation. Use only Rated wire. Pure copper with silver couting is ideal

Always search for the top rating Solar Inverters, and out of the top rating Inverters go for the companies having local service centers.

Always ask for GD Copy, LV Reports, and match serial no of each panels with the reports. Buying Tier1 panels are better along with physical inspection upclose for broken cells

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